Simple Tips For Parents With Kids Who Are About To Get Braces

kids with bracesIn life we all go through stages and I honestly believe that one of the toughest stages of life are those early teenage years. It’s already difficult enough, but just imagine the pain and suffering you’ll have to endure if you are a teen whose got braces on.

Well I’m sure like with any caring parent you are going to want to help your teenage kids get through this stage as quickly and as smoothly as you possibly can.

To help you as a parent guide your kid through this stage of life in a smooth fashion, I’ve asked a few parents what their experience was like and to share any tips that they might have…

I really hope that by going through these experiences you are going to be in a better position to help your kids out.

1. Parents Guide To Sorting Out a Kid Who is Careless With His Braces

The truth is that when it came to my son’s braces the toughest thing that I had to go through was helping him to take proper care of his braces. It took an incredible amount of patience from my side.

When my son first had his braces put in his mouth they were breaking all the time, which was mostly caused by the fact that he would eat hard sweets while he was at school.

But thankfully with a massive dose of patience and by working alongside his orthodontist ( we were able to slowly but surely improve his habits.

The best part was that his orthodontist was an incredible person who not only did great work, but was extremely patient with him, explaining to him in a great way why it is so important to look after your braces because it will only result in his treatment lasting longer.

Because my son appreciated the caring approach that the orthodontist took with him, he slowly but surely began to improve his habits, avoid hard candy and then of course this resulted in the braces breaking a lot less often.

My son never would listen to me when I would give him advice, but just because he liked the orthodontist, he changed his habits for the better.

If you find yourself in the same position with your kid, then you might want to find someone who will be able to convince them about the importance of looking after their braces.

– George Brown.

> Successfully Completing Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment

Phase 1 orthodontics‘ My youngest was only seven years old when she began her phase one treatment. She had a terrible overbite and really goofy teeth.

She was just the right candidate for phase one orthodontic treatment. Simply by using a palate expander, we noticed huge changes in a matter of months.

The palate expander help to improve the shape of her mouth, so when she got braces the effect was a lot better.

Despite having to shell out a significant amount of money for the treatment, the result was more than worth it. Now she is constantly walking around with a beautiful smile!’

– Jenny Green.

> Tips to Help Your Kid Become More Responsible

Teaching kids responsibility‘The beautiful side effect of your child having to wear braces is the fact that you will have the opportunity to teach them how to become more responsible for themselves and their actions and to help them appreciate that there are consequences of not following the rules and doing the things you are meant to do.

Braces will give your child the opportunity to become a lot more self disciplined because they are going to have to avoid things like chewing gum, hard candy or even sticky candy until the orthodontic treatment is complete.

Even after that they are going to have to ensure that they are wearing the retainers on a regular basis!

With my own kids, I made sure that they made it a habit to take their retainers with them no matter where they went.

I also told them that if they lost their retainers they are going to have to find the money to get new ones.’

– James B.

> Tips on Finding the Best Orthodontist

finding a good orthodontist‘When my kids needed braces, I got a few recommendations from friends and family.

The first orthodontist that I called, were extremely cold and I could tell they didn’t care whether I chose them or not… so as you can expect I never bothered calling them back.

The second orthodontic practice (smile studio orthodontic practice in chattanooga tn) that I called was extremely friendly, and I could tell that they genuinely seemed to care about my situation of getting braces for all four of my kids.

They were extremely patient and would take the time to answer all of my questions! At the initial consultations, the orthodontist was very kind and took the time to answer each and every question that both I and my kids had. At no time did I feel as though I was being rushed.

At the initial consultation, proper x-rays were taken, a treatment plan was created, and the entire cost of treatment was finalized including how much would be covered by my insurance and how much I would have to shell out myself.

On top of all that I was given pictures of the x-rays, and details on exactly what steps would be taken and how long the entire treatment should take.

The orthodontist also gave us a wonderful booklet that explained to us exactly what we would have to do in order to take care of the braces.

At the end of the consultation I felt that the orthodontist that I found was the perfect one for us’

– Debby.

> Finance Options for Your Orthodontic/Braces Treatment

financing your orthodontic treatment‘I’ll be completely honest with you here and tell you right away that braces are not cheap at all. Honestly I was completely shocked when my orthodontist gave me the total price on how muck braces were going to cost.

I had three kids and myself who had to go through treatment and therefore my orthodontist actually gave me a 5% discount on total cost.

Once I knew the final price of the orthodontic treatment for all four of us, I then took the time to sit down and work out how much of it would be covered by insurance and how much I would have to shell out myself.

The good news is that my orthodontist offered me the chance to pay in monthly instalments which made it a little easier!

– Hannah.

> Every Orthodontic Experience is Different Depending on the Kid

I’ve got two kids who are both in their late teens now and they both happened to go through the experience of wearing braces.

The treatment went very smoothly and they ended up with wonderful smiles. But both their experiences were totally different.

My older kid is very into fashion and looking good. So he will spend hours in front of the mirror taking care of his hair, clothes and personal hygiene.

He loved his braces and noticed and appreciated the progress that he was making.

He would absolutely love the colored o rings that the orthodontist would put on his brackets every single month and show them off to friends and family wherever he went.

My youngest is a completely different kid. He is incredible at sports but not so great when it comes to personal hygiene.

However by constantly reminding him, he eventually started to take care of his teeth and he was back on track to getting the awesome smile.

– Richard.

Maintaining Excellent Oral Hygiene When You Have Braces

good oral healthThe reality is that the only way that you are going to prevent tooth decay and gum disease from occurring is if you maintain proper oral hygiene. This is especially the case when you have braces on!

Of course when you first put your braces on, your orthodontist is going to show you exactly what you need to do in order to maintain good oral hygiene and overall health, but the whole point of this post is to help give you a refresher every time you forget.

If after reading this post you’re still not sure about what you need to do or if you have any specific questions then the best thing to do would be to go and talk to your orthodontist personally. They will be able to give you a practical demonstration and clear up any confusion you may have.

By the way I was recently in the Texas area visiting friends and family and came across braces and beautiful faces which is orthodontist in the Plano, Texas area. They seem to be doing a fantastic job with helping their patients maintain great oral health care while they have braces on, so do check them out if you happen to be in the area!

1. How To Brush Your Teeth When You Have Braces

brushing teeth with bracesOf course regardless of whether you have braces or not, brushing your teeth is going to be the most important step of maintaining your oral hygiene. Implement the following steps to get the best results…

  • The first step is to brush your outer teeth, but do so slowly and using small circular motions.
  • Try to brush in and around the archwires slowly and gently.
  • Then slowly and gently brush the top sides of your teeth, which you use to actually chew your food.
  • Then brush the inside sections of your teeth.

To get the absolute best results you are going to want to brush your teeth at least three times a day when you’ve got braces on. You’ll also want to brush your teeth every time you eat some sugary snacks!

You can get small inter-proximal dental brushes from your orthodontist which can help you get in and around your brackets and wires with ease. But make sure that you use them carefully to avoid accidentally breaking your braces!

Keep your diet as clean as possible and free from sugary processed foods and cleaning your teeth will literally become a walk in the park!

2. How To Floss With Braces

flossing with bracesWith braces on, you are going to want to floss at least once a day, every single day of your life. Just follow these simple steps to get the job done with ease.

  • Get your hands on a dental floss threader which you can buy from any supermarket or you can even get it from your orthodontist.
  • Take the floss you have and thread it through your teeth behind the archwire.
  • Get the floss between your teeth right down to your gumline.
  • Once you’re done cleaning, take the floss out and thread another piece through the next couple of teeth and keep repeating until you’ve done your whole mouth.

Make sure that you are never rough when you are threading the floss through the archwire as this could lead to unnecessary damage which will only result in your treatment being prolonged!

3. How To Rinse Your Teeth With Braces On

It is highly recommend that after you finish brushing your teeth that you rinse your mouth with some water. But if you have some gum issues then you might want to look into getting some antiseptic rinses from the grocery store.

You will also want to rinse your mouth with water if you happen to drink some sugary soda such as coke or even some fruit juice.

4. Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene With Invisalign

invisalignThe great thing about Invisalign is that you aren’t going to require to give it much special care or attention. But it is going to be in your interest to make sure that you brush and floss your teeth after every time you finish eating something!

The reason you must keep your teeth clean and free from food before putting your Invisalign aligners back into your mouth is because not doing so will result in you keeping the bacteria stuck between your teeth, which will just result in them creating acid and making your mouth stink!

5. Taking Care of Your Retainers

looking after your retainersAfter your braces have been removed and you have been given a pair of retainers it is going to be essential that you take the time to clean your retainers properly. Ideally you will want to brush them after you finish using them.

You must also soak your retainer in some dental cleaning solution, which you can get from your orthodontist or dentist!

This is a nice little demonstration on what you need to do in order to take care of your retainers with ease…

Is Getting Braces the Right Decision For Me?

adult bracesResearch suggests that over 60% of the world’s population has crooked teeth to some degree..

The great news is that because of technological advances in the orthodontic arena, people are able to get things like braces and retainers to help get that beautiful smile in no time at all with very little pain and discomfort.

But while braces are a great way of getting perfectly aligned teeth, you might still be worried and wondering if it is the right choice for you. Most of the time it is your dentist that is going to let you know whether or not you need to see an orthodontist when you go in for one of your regular checkups.

Here are some really important things to keep in mind when you are on the path to deciding whether or not braces are the right choice for you

1. The State of Your Crooked Teeth

crooked teethThe reality is that as kids get older many of them will find that their teeth will grow crooked. But as we mentioned earlier over 60% of the world’s population has crooked teeth so this fact isn’t anything to be concerned about. So the likelihood of your kids having to get braces or retainers will be quite high.

Retainers are something that your orthodontist will custom make for your teeth and have one of two jobs. They either help to keep your teeth in place or they help to correct your tooth alignment. Most of the time the individual is going to have to wear these retainers all day except for when they eat meals or brush their teeth. Over time the patient will get to reduce the amount of time that they have to wear their retainers, up to the time when they will only have to wear them at night.

Whereas with braces you are going to have to wear them all the time because they are permanently attached to a person’s teeth. Again the purpose of these is to help straighten out the teeth and you are going to have to keep them on for at least a year.

2. Do You Have an Underbite or Overbite

bad bite issuesThe other beautiful thing about great orthodontic treatment is the fact that is helps to correct any bite issues that you might have including problems like underbite or overbite.

Officially bite problems are known as malocclusion which directly translates as having bad bite. The wonderful thing about braces is that they will help to organize the alignment of your teeth in such as way that your bite issues will become almost non existent.

After the treatment for braces has been completed, you are more than likely going to have to wear retainers to ensure that your beautiful smile remains in place for the rest of your life!

Most of the patients that get braces are children, but these days you will find that it isn’t uncommon for many adults to wear them to get their smiles straightened out.

Statistics show that about 20% of patients these days are adults which shows that it really is never too late to correct that smile of yours. The reason why more and more adults are jumping on board the braces bandwagon is because of the technological advances that have been made in the orthodontics industry.

The great thing about modern braces is that not only are they a lot more comfortable, but they are a lot more stylish too. You have a variety of different options including getting clear braces which make them a little less obvious than the traditional metal ones. On top of this the wires that are used to help move your teeth into the correct alignment are a lot more efficient which means that they will help you get results a lot faster than ever before.

Also braces are becoming a lot more common and so people get far less bullied if they wear them than they used to a short while back.

Another great thing about orthodontic treatment in the modern day is that more and more insurance providers are covering them and so this means braces are getting more and more affordable for those families that happen to be on a tight budget.

When you’re deciding on whether you should get braces or not, you really need to look into and research all the different styles of braces that are currently available and what sort of treatment is going to work best for you.

You’ll also want check in with your insurance company to see how much of the treatment they will actually cover and how much you are going to have to shell out of your own pocket.

While braces will take a good few years to do their job, it will be more than worth it because you’ll end up with a beautiful smile that will last the rest of your life!

This video shows why it really doesn’t matter how old you are… getting straight teeth is something that you can do at any age!